Deer Park High School Athletics

Each month DPHS Head Coaches nominate 2 athletes from their program for Athlete of the Month. There is one criteria for nomination. The student athletes must live the "Traits of a STAG" in everything they do. What are the "Traits of a STAG"? 

Service - As Deer Park Athletes we take on a servant mentality. Our society is full of people who are selfish and all about themselves. We need to be better than that. Love each other, treat each other with respect, and follow the creed, “What can I do for you?” Change the world you live in!

Tenacity - We face every obstacle, every challenge, and every day as a fierce competitor. We are tenacious in everything we do, and we do not back down. We are determined to be the best we can be! We have  Strength and  Purpose!

Attitude - This is one thing in your life you can control. Having a positive attitude is vital for success in life and in sports. You can have bad days and good days, but the way you react and the attitude you put forward is what will drive your thinking. One Key to success is having a Positive Attitude.

Gratitude - We are thankful for the opportunities we have. We are thankful for what others in our lives do for us. Family, friends, coaches, and teammates are all in our corner, and want what is best for us. Be grateful that you are able to have people who care for you! Be grateful you have the opportunity to compete. There are many people who cannot and wish they could. Show your gratitude in your actions

Success - We strive for this everyday. Success can be as big as winning a championship, to as little as finishing a workout! We need to look everyday at our successes and celebrate them! Be excited!

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